Web Development

We stand on the shoulder of giants.  We build functional sites to showcase and fit your business. Your website is uniquely yours!

CLDO Website features:

  • Domain Name – Keep your current name or let us help you pick one that fits your business.
  • Managed Web Hosting
    • SSL  Security– We include an SSL Certificate for sites our sites at no cost to you.
    • Protected Website – We protect your website from harmful and annoying spammers and malware.
    • Hosting – We host and manage your websites (scheduled & regular backups, wordpress updates, theme updates, plugin updates, security updates and break/fix!).
    • One place for ALL your support calls.  No endless hours on hold for technical support.
  • Mobile Friendly – Your website is easy to view and use on all smartphones and tablets.
  • Visitor Tracking – Learn what your users are looking for on your site and ADAPT.
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Your site is easily found right away.
  • Visually appealing – Your site will be ‘pretty’ and very functional.
  • Easy navigation – Websites are for your users.  We make it easy for them to navigate your content and connect with your business.
  • Easy upkeep – If you choose to update your own content, we provide you training to be self-reliant but we are always available when you need help!

Consulting - IT Services

We’re geeky so you don’t have to be.  With our average of 15 years in IT, we know what’s current, appropriate, and what’s cost effective technology.

Starting a new business?  Moving to a new office?  

Not sure what technology to choose to support your growing business needs?

Our approach:

  • Understand your business needs.
  • Simplify technology terminology (in simple English).
  • Guide you to cost effective solutions
  • You make the purchase.
  • We help with the implementation and integration.

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