IT Consulting & Managed Service Provider

Are you looking for an IT Geek with Social Skills? Networking Ninja: Connecting your tech with expert IT touch? Strategic IT Alchemist: Crafting a roadmap to elevate your business Tech Harmony Specialist: Making sure your business's IT symphony plays sweet, smooth tunes WiFi Whisperer: fix the frustration, amplifying the connectivity in  your office? Cyber Sentinel : Safeguarding your business with impenetrable cybersecurity solutions.

We embrace the geekiness so you can focus on your expertise. With decades of IT experience, we stay abreast of the latest, most fitting, and cost-effective technologies for you.

Our Approach

  • Understand your business needs
  • Simplify technology terminology (in simple English)
  • Guide you to budget-friendly solutions
  • You handle the purchase; no unnecessary markups from us
  • We help with the implementation and integration
  • Get a no-obligation Consultation

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    Our Services

    • Computer Support (Windows/Mac/Linux/Laptops/Desktops/Servers)
    • Onsite/Cloud Backup
    • Antivirus and Security Solutions
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Business Telephone Systems (they’re super inexpensive with very low per-minute rates)
    • Internet/Firewall/VPN

    Website Development

    We stand on the shoulders of giants!

    Our team creates websites that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly. We base our design on best practices and incorporate the most innovative technologies to deliver websites that meet the needs of our clients and their users.

    Your website is uniquely yours!

    Our website features:

    Website Essentials

    • Domain Name

      Keep your current name or let us help you pick one that fits your business.

    • Easy Navigation

      Websites are for YOUR USERS. We make it easy for them to navigate your content and connect with your business.

    • Mobile Friendly

      Your website is easy to view and use on all smartphones and tablets.

    • Easy Upkeep

      If you choose to update your content, we provide you training to be self-reliant but we are always available when you need help.

    • Visually Appealing

      Your site will be ‘pretty’ and very functional.

    • Visitor Tracking

      Learn what your users are looking for on your site and ADAPT.

    • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

      Your site is easily found immediately.

    • Search Engine Marketing (Optional)

      Make your site discoverable when your potential clients search for your keywords or phrases (Google Adwords)

    Managed Web Hosting

    • SSL Security

      We include an SSL Certificate for sites our sites at no cost to you.

    • Website Hosting

      We host your website on our dedicated hosting server and manage all technical aspects (DNS, mail forwarding).

    • Protected Website

      We protect your website from harmful and annoying spammers and malware.

    • Website Maintenance

      Scheduled & regular backups, WordPress updates, theme updates, plugin updates, security updates and break/fix!

    • One Place for ALL your support calls

      No endless hours on hold for technical support.

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